offense IS contageous

It’s amazing how quickly a team can turn it around offensively.

When the Pirates started their most recent road trip, they were last in the league in nearly every offensive category with no sign of breaking out of their season-long slump.

Suddenly, it’s as if someone turned on the long-ball switch. In their last six games, the Pirates have smacked a dozen homers. This is not to suggest the 2005 Pirates will challenge some of the power-laden lineups in St. Louis or Cincinnati but at least they seem to be moving out of the dead-ball era.

It’s enjoyable to watch a team start to play well together.  I don’t believe the Pirates are going to win the Central Division but I do think they have a legitimate chance of ending their 12-year run of sub-.500 seasons.


No serious argument with you about the Pirates’ chance to win the division but they have much more than just a ‘legitimate’ chance to finish above .500. Let’s play out this run of 21 of 28 at home and see where they stand on Monday, June 13. If .500 is all you’re expecting then you might be in for a big surprise.

I have been a Pirates die hard fan since roughly 1965. Bob Walk made a comment on the broadcast last night that I almost turned off the game (4/25/07). He said paraphrasing here, maybe I misunderstood, We shouldn’t be concerned about the offense its our young guns that will take us as far as we can go. While I agree that the pitching is our biggest asset. What good is it if we pitch a shutout and can’t score? We still loose! Personally I think the offense will straighten out, Jason Bay and Adam La Roche will hit!

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