Team Effort for the Kids!

What a fabulous turnout on Thursday night, May 19th for our Gloves for Kids fundraiser!   Thanks to an amazing show of cooperation from over half the Pirates roster, the ceaseless efforts of some underappreciated Pirates front office "all-stars", the great support from our partners at ****’s Sporting Goods and the remarkably enthusiastic fans who turned out in record numbers to the Mall in Robinson, we raised over $17,000 in a three-hour span!!

The Boys and Girls Club of Western PA will take that money and purchase baseball gloves for young kids who otherwise would never be able to afford such a "luxury."  On Sunday, prior to our game with the Colorado Rockies at PNC Park, some of those kids were on hand to receive those gloves as Jason Bay and Tike Redman participated in the pre-game ceremony.  It was a just another example of how much the Pittsburgh Pirates mean to so many people in the region of Western Pennsylvania.

I have been around thousands of professional athletes during my years as a front-office employee and a sports broadcaster but I cannot recall a bunch than this current edition of the Pittsburgh Pirates.  I believe that each one of the 2005 Pirates is a "winner" off the field as solid, dependable, classy and caring human beings. One cannot help but root for them as they continue to win more games ON the field in the weeks and months ahead.  They deserve our support and I’m proud to be associated with such an outstanding group of people.

Thanks to everyone for total team effort!

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Hey Greg, I didn’t know where to send this, but I thought it would be interesting to note that according to Baseball Prospectus, the Pirates are 3rd in basbeball in Defensive Efficiency (The rate at which balls put in play are recorded into outs) at 71.5%. (The Yankees are last at 65.9%)

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